Every student needs our help to flourish in school.
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Every student needs help to flourish in school. From teachers and parents to tutors, mental health services, and enrichment programs, it takes a community to support each student’s success.

RyeCatcher is online collaboration software that makes it easy for everyone involved in a student’s success to work together. It’s is easy to use, secure, and works on Web, tablet, and mobile.

Product Features

Database of Support Services

Online database of local support providers and organizations.

Needs Mapper

Survey completed by a student’s parent or guardian that’s used to assess a student’s needs.


School- and student-level reporting and tracking.


Schedule, manage and track interactions with students and providers.

Easy Setup and Live Support

Dedicated implementation manager to set-up and provide ongoing live support.


Latest security and encryption technology safeguard the privacy of student information.

What You Can Do with RyeCatcher


  • A teacher can send
  • an electronic permission slip
  • to a parent's mobile phone.


  • An audiologist can schedule
  • an appointment to adjust a
  • student’s hearing aid.


  • A counselor can see how
  • often a teacher has met
  • with a student’s parent.


  • A principal can view
  • a student’s attendance
  • in English class for the month.

Special Education Coordinator

  • A A special education coordinator
  • can check how often a speech
  • therapist met with a student.







Frayser Community Schools


Achievement School District

About Us


Ensuring that all students have the support they need to flourish in school.

RyeCatcher Education’s mission is to ensure that all students, especially those with special needs or who come from at-risk environments, have access to the services they need to flourish in school. RyeCatcher software is used to connect students to resources that support the full range of student needs in and out of the classroom.

RyeCatcher was founded by L. Arthi Krishnaswami in 2012. Arthi was inspired by her brother’s experience as a special education student to create a system that would support students and families with special needs. Since then, RyeCatcher has become a platform that schools can use to create a community of support for every student.

  • Ryecatcher was an easy to use tool that allowed me to track student behavior and attendance to group therapy...I loved that the notes were in real time and gave me access to students' progress and parental/teacher communication. Ryecatcher was an excellent compliment to my individual counseling sessions and provided a framework for the interventions I used with my students each week.

    Casey Chambers, School Social Worker

  • I liked how accessible the site was. Being able to look at the notes that each student had documented was essential in working as an intern. I will never forget the time that an incident occurred and months later documentation was needed. I was able to print off what I had documented and it actually saved someone's job!

    Felisha Mason, Counselor

  • Rye is user-friendly.....very easy to navigate...it made tracking your clients easy for not just me but the entire school.

    Jerry Smith, Behavioral Specialist


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