Who RyeCatcher Helps

Parents: As parents it’s difficult to keep track of the services given to your child and it can be a hassle to take time off work to sign paperwork for services.   RyeCatcher can help parents eliminate the hassle by sending electronic parent consent forms for quicker turnaround of service for children.

Service Providers: The biggest challenge on supporting our students is understanding the services that are in place in and outside of school.  With parental permission, service providers can now communicate and collaborate with schools to ensure supports are aligned and consistent.

Teachers:  With grading and preparing for a classroom lessons, it can be difficult to think about individual student interventions. RyeCatcher can help teachers manage their interventions by referring students for specialized services and monitoring student progress.

SPED: It can be overwhelming to ensure individual education plans are implemented with fidelity. RyeCatcher allows resource specialist to lookup IEPs and track minutes through our mobile app. No more questioning if a support is part of a student’s plan; all individual education plans are located in one location for easy lookup and checking.

Mental Health Professionals: Managing a caseload of students on paper can take hours and hours of documentation.  Mental Health Professionals can receive notifications from Response to Intervention Teams around student services and adjust supports based on individual and school wide needs.

Administrators: RyeCatcher gives administrators and leadership teams access to data reports that captures multi-tier support services for strategic planning and scaffolding of services.  Now administrators can make data driven decisions to dial back or increase student services.