Solution Overview

RyeCatcher’s software enables the sharing of data in a safe, secure, transparent, and auditable environment, it will empower families to communicate with schools and service providers to support positive learning outcomes. We have a process to help create a positive school culture and climate and ensure students receive support services that has proven to work. We help schools discover and assess student and family needs, create plan of services and connect to providers, coordinate and track services with our software in one location, and use data to adjust services and supports.

Key features of the RyeCatcher solution.

Key features of the RyeCatcher solution.


Needs Mapper Survey

Assessment and understanding our student and family needs for social, emotional, academic, behavioral and wellness services are very important for proactive support. Our Needs Mapper Assessment Tool is designed and developed to gather the necessary information about student and family needs and can help faculty properly scaffold services.


Database of Support Providers

We offer the ability to populate a directory of providers based on the Needs Mappers results to help with planning and allocating services to students and your community.


Electronic Consent/Permission

Permission can be granted for field trips and afterschool programming through our online platform, our mobile app, and text message reminders. Families can also grant immediate consent electronically to connect students to services from outside providers, provide necessary assessments and/or request important files to ensure proper services are in place instantly.


Start to End Behavioral and Intervention Tracking

A suite of tools are available to monitor students’ progress and services. We have a suite of functions: from referring students for specialized services to monitoring a specific behavior as an intensive support.


Compliance and Actionable Reports

Reports can be generated for state and federal reporting. Most importantly, we have access to actionable reports for schools to generate individual and school-wide data that captures academic, behavioral and resource data for short and long term strategic planning.

Rye is user-friendly.....very easy to made tracking your clients easy for not just me but the entire school.
— Jerry Smith, Behavioral Specialist