How RyeCatcher Works

What makes Ryecatcher better than other tracking programs?

Ryecatcher takes a comprehensive look a student needs and help school staff and community partners provide support and resources to ensure that students are successful, not only academically but in out all areas of life. This program is easy to use, safe and secure and helps staff provide wrap-around services to students and their families.

How safe is the data collected or the notes entered in Ryecatcher?

Ryecatcher is very secure and has several functionalities to ensure that students’ records are not accessible to anyone who has not been granted access to their file.

Is Ryecatcher user-friendly and easily accessible?

Ryecatcher is simple to use and a fun system to navigate. Staff can use Ryecatcher on their laptops with a WIFI connection, on their tablets and/or cell phone by downloading the Ryecatcher app. Most importantly, there are many different features and note options that enables staff to document and track important information in a quick and easy way especially if they are mobile.

teach students accountability and encourage pride in success.

How does Ryecatcher help students achieve success?

Ryecatcher has a provider database that enables staff to access local community partners and organizations that provide tutoring, mental health services, enrichment programs, etc. Student and families can track their own progress throughout the year by logging on to Parent Ryecatcher. By allowing students and families access to their own account helps teach students accountability and pride in achieving success in real time.

What is the Circle of Support?

Ryecatcher provides a unique visual by using the Circle of Support. The circle captures all of the individuals and organizations that are championing for the student by providing support, services, and resources. Staff can add and remove providers and other school personnel that are working directly with the student and their family. The circle of support keeps everyone involved with the student accountable.

What can I document and track for my caseload/students?

School staff can document notes for parent communication, meetings that take place for the student or with the student, incidents, check-ins and check outs, track SPED services or problem behaviors in class and/or common spaces. These are just a few of many note types available in Ryecatcher.

What is a Needs Mapper and how does it enhance how I do my job?

Ryecatcher contains a Needs Mapper questionnaire to help schools gather important data during registration for all of their students. The data obtain from families answering the questionnaire will enable schools to plan more specific programmatic activities and allocate key resources to the students who need the most support during the school year.

Can I generate reports from Ryecatcher?

Yes. Ryecatcher Reports allows schools to generate individual and school-wide reports that capture academic, behavior and resource data for their school’s student population. Ryecatcher also provides the schools with user reports that highlight how many meetings took place, who entered notes and how many touches a student received from staff and community partners throughout a selected time frame.

What are “Providers” and what role do they play in a student’s success?

Ryecatcher has a “Provider”and “Caregiver” feature that allows school staff to create a map of community partners and organizations that is in close proximity to students and families depending on their specific need. Each Provider has a detail profile page with contact information in the system, description of services and ratings. Think of it like a "community yellow pages” for school.

Besides tracking and documentation, what other features does Ryecatcher offer schools?

Ryecatcher has a permission slip feature that allows schools to send electronic permission slips via email and SMS to parents for same-day and/or overnight field trips and school activities. Ryecatcher also has an intervention action plan feature for ELA, Math and Behavior. This action plans allow staff, students and families to set goals with specific interventions put in place to aid the student with academic and/or behavioral achievement. Lastly, Ryecatcher has a behavior tracker that allows multiple staff to track a student's behavior in real time and notify key administration and support staff of the students progress.

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